Midwest Model Store Newsletter


Midwest Model Store Newsletter


Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Midwest Model Store newsletter! 

We are delighted to share model aircraft news in one convenient location for all collectors. From new releases to news about molds, this newsletter will cover a wide array of model aircraft topics. 

With that said, let's get into the news!

Gemini Jets June 2023 Releases


On May 15 Gemini Jets announced its June 2023 releases. There are several exciting aircraft being released; most – but not all – are U.S. airplanes. 

Starting with 1:400 scale, some new airline/aircraft duos that have never been produced in that scale will be debuting. These include the Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER and the Contour Airlines Embraer ERJ-145. Both aircraft have unique roles in U.S. aviation, so these are two quality offerings. 


Next, some international love is shown with the Air France Airbus A320 and the Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800 that features "75th Anniversary" livery. NG Models just produced both of these, so it will be interesting to see how the Gemini Jets versions stack up. 


In addition, the company delivers some retro aircraft in this release, including the Air Mauritius Boeing 747SP and The Trump Shuttle Boeing 727-200. Both of these models will provide excellent value for collectors. 


Gemini Jets also revisits popular models that were previously released with the Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-900ER and the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200. Both offerings are pivotal for all collectors – whether it's for sentimental value or model airports. 


Lastly in the 1:400 June release, the company is offering its brand-new Boeing 767-400 mold with Delta’s Ron Allen livery. This mold was announced just a few days ago by Gemini Jets founder Elliot Epstein, so it was impressive to see this version of the 767-400.

The 1:200 portion of this release also includes several quality offerings. First, two new molds debut with the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Interactive Series with FedEx livery and the Antonov AN-124 with Russian Air Force livery. For collectors, both molds bring an excellent balance of variety, popularity and collectability. 


Next, there are several special liveries for June, including the Alaska Airlines Embraer ERJ-175 "Horizon Air Retro," the British Airways Boeing 777-200ER "Oneworld," and Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 "Tennessee One." Special liveries are always popular among collectors, so it's exciting that these three are being released at the same time. 


Lastly, there are several aircraft in different categories. They include the Flybe Airlines’ Dash 8 Q400, the Midway Airlines’ McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15, the Republic Airways Embraer 175LR, and the Trump Shuttle Boeing 727-200. These models are fantastic for their respective collectors. 


Overall, Gemini Jets' June 2023 releases encompass unique yet popular offerings.

New Gemini Jets Molds


On May 11, Elliot Epstein revealed in an interview with Airliners Live that Gemini Jets plans to debut some new molds of the Boeing 767-400 and Boeing 737 MAX 10; both types will be available in 1:400 and 1:200. Gemini Jets offers a wide array of aircraft types for collectors, and lately the company has expanded its offerings with unique aircraft variants. 


The Boeing 767-400 only has three airlines operating the aircraft to date – Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Bahrain Royal Flight. With only three operators, this may explain why Gemini Jets decided to wait so long before finally producing the aircraft type. Collectors will be intrigued by this unique aircraft, as well as the popular U.S. offerings clad in Delta and United schemes. As noted above, Gemini Jets debuted this mold in their June releases with Delta's Ron Allen livery. 


The Boeing 737 MAX 10 is slated to be a popular aircraft with over 1,000 orders to date. Some of the largest customers include Delta, United, Ryanair, and VietJet Air. Gemini Jets will have various airlines to choose from with this mold, and the Boeing 737 MAX 10 should be popular among collectors. The Boeing 737 MAX 10 has yet to be certificated; there has been no timeframe given for when Gemini Jets will release this mold. When that does happen, though, Gemini Jets will have some exciting offerings

NG Models May 2023 Releases


On May 8, NG Models announced its May 2023 releases, which was much smaller compared to previous sets – there are 15 1:400 models and seven 1:200 models. 


Beginning with 1:400, Asia gets a strong focus as usual – two Air China Boeing 737-800 "Star Alliance" models; Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER "Skyteam" model; two Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A330-300s; and Starlux Airlines’ Airbus A350-900. All of these aircraft are outstanding choices in various ways. First, both Air China Boeing 737-800 “Star Alliance” models have only been done one other time in 1:400, so another quality offering makes sense here. Next, the Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER “Skyteam” model and both Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A330-300’s are of high demand due to the desirable by collectors. Lastly, the Starlux Airlines’ Airbus A350-900 provides sentimental to collectors as B-58503 was the aircraft to fly the inaugural Starlux flight from Taipei to Los Angeles. 


There are two Canadian offerings – the Chrono Aviation Boeing 737-800BCF and Air Transat Airbus A321neo "Pride" livery; both aircraft are unique offerings from that region. 


Europe gets some variety this month in the Ryanair Boeing 737-800 and a “fantasy” aircraft that features the British Airways Boeing 777-300ER "Landor" livery. The BA Boeing 777 provides a unique aircraft/livery duo. 


Other new aircraft include the Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800 "Star Alliance," the Jetstar Airbus A320, and Aerolineas Argentinas’ Airbus A330-200 with "Football Team" livery. 


The United States also gets some love with the Pan Am L1011-500 and Spirit Airbus A321neo. They will be very popular in the retro and modern departments.

NG Models also is releasing an exciting variety of 1:200 aircraft to complement the 1:400s. Three CRJ-200s are coming to collectors this month with the JetLite, Air Wisconsin Retro, and Delta Connection "Salt Lake City Olympics" livery. There is certainly something for everybody with these. 


In addition, three new Gulfstream models were announced, including a G550 in Gulfstream's new colors, a G550 for the Mexican government, and international soccer star Lionel Messi's G-V. These are some great-looking bizjets for all general aviation lovers. 


In addition, a colorful Dassault Falcon 7X -- the first business jet with a digital flight control system – was released as well. 


There is great variety for collectors in the NG Models May 2023 releases.

New NG Models Sample Mold

Airlines magazine just revealed that NG Models will debut its largest 1:200 mold to date – the Boeing 757-200. NG Models is mainly known for its 1:400 products, but the company does make some smaller 1:200 aircraft (examples include the CRJ-200, Gulfstream G550, and Falcon 7X). 


Because the Boeing 757-200 was one of NG Models’ first 1:400 molds, it makes perfect sense why the company chose the 757 as its next 1:200 mold. With dozens of airlines operating the aircraft over several decades, the opportunities for the 1:200 757 are endless, and that's what NG Models has shown in 1:400 scale. The company has released dozens of 757s in 1:400 for the last several years; this 1:200 mold sample looks outstanding and will fulfill the desires of collectors for more molds.

New JC Wings Mold Samples:


JC Wings revealed on its Instagram profile that the company has two new unique, interactive 1:200 molds ahead – the Boeing 767-300F and McDonnell Douglas MD-11F. 


Over the last few years, JC Wings has started to innovate its molds by adding flaps down and interactive options. These new product lines allow the company to bring new elements to model collecting. Whether it's realism for model airports or seeing the aircraft in a different state, interactive molds have been very popular among collectors. 


Both these mold samples look outstanding – they have interactive L1 doors, main cargo doors, and secondary cargo doors. JC Wings and Gemini Jets share the same molds; and as noted above, Gemini Jets used the MD-11F mold for its June release of the FedEx aircraft. Overall, these new molds can be paired with various liveries; therefore, there are more quality offerings for all collectors.

Thank you for reading the first Midwest Model Store newsletter! We are excited to cover more model aircraft news soon. Stay tuned for new releases, mold news, and much more.


In addition, check out the Midwest Model Store to buy your new Gemini Jets, NG Models and JC Wings models and molds, along with our huge selection of in-stock models!

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