Midwest Model Store is now officially an authorized dealer for Gemini Jets! (06/30/2022)

Midwest Model Store is pleased to announce that we are now officially an authorized dealer for Gemini Jets! In the past we'd previously carried Gemini Jets through a reputable secondary distributor and had to stop carrying new Gemini Jets models because we were unable to reliably receive our models on time every release, prohibiting us from guaranteeing our customers receive the quality of service that they became accustomed to with Midwest Model Store. Now that we have been approved to be an authorized dealer for Gemini Jets and order our stock directly from the parent company of Gemini Jets we can be assured that our customers will receive their Gemini Jets models in a timely fashion every release. To benefit from our competitive pricing, fast shipping, reliable service, and excellent customer service make sure you order your new Gemini Jets models from Midwest Model Store!

Why should you buy your Gemini Jets models from an authorized dealer like Midwest Model Store? Well, an authorized dealer means the manufacturer and the retailer have agreed that the retailer is an official source to sell their brand of products and/or equipment to the seller’s customers. Buying from an authorized dealer means you are getting the best products and equipment from a reliable and knowledgeable source. Furthermore, Gemini Jets will not stand behind or support any of their products that are purchased from any other unauthorized retailer, as these entities are buying merchandise through third-party sources that they can't always confirm.

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